Home Goods

Home Goods Manufacturers Online Sales Rep


A key category that’s much more than salad tongs and coffee makers.

Home Office

From pens and stationery to desks and chairs.

Home Storage

Free-stand or wall shelving, bins and unique solutions.

Home Decor

Keeping up on fashion trends with an eye for what’s coming next.


From baskets to detergent, we’ll boost your online sales.


Increase online sales for everything from shampoo to baby bath toys.


From large appliances to bamboo spoons, we support kitchen sales.


Increase your online sales of vintage tea kettles or modern wine racks.


Furniture Manufacturers Online Sales Rep

Outdoor Furniture

Increase online sales for your luxurious patio lounges or your simple beach hammocks.

Children’s Furniture

Race car beds, pink dressers, or classic children’s furniture all have great online sales potential.

Kitchen Furniture

The Floyd Group increases online sales for modern shippable kitchen furniture. Wooden islands, kitchen carts and more.


Auto Manufacturers Online Sales Rep

RV After Market

From RV furniture and kitchen supplies to auto parts and maintenance, we increase sales for RV After Market vendors.

Auto Care

Oil filters, paint wax, squeegees and hubcaps are now being sold online. Increase your sales with The Floyd Group.

Increase Amazon Sales


We continually guide our vendors to meet their sales goals with the biggest online retailers including
Learn how a team with over a decade of online sales experience can help grow your business.