A successful online planning strategy places your products in front of users at the right time and right place. Behind-the-scenes analysis combined with over a decade of online sales experience yields quality forecasting. And with the right information and planning, a manufacturer representative like The Floyd Group can make your products fly off warehouse shelves and into people’s homes.


Our service and support spans your product’s entire lifecycle. By analyzing data, trends and market information, and by anticipating opportunities and eventualities, The Floyd Group ensures suppliers are releasing the optimal amount of product at the ideal time and place, minimizing risk. And we’ll continue to do so for the life of your product.


Online Sales and Marketing


The Floyd Group offers a host of sales and marketing solutions to ensure your success online. Our dedication to clients is shown through our selective relationships and unparalleled customer service.


We provide additional services such as coaching, online marketing strategy and business reporting to ensure your business succeeds online. We support your goals with a solid marketing strategy and creative solutions that deliver results.


A partnership with The Floyd Group is built on an intricate knowledge of the online business climate. Our clients receive the best market research and 3PL recommendations to bring your vision to reality.

Trend Analysis


At The Floyd Group, our clients receive a comprehensive trend and market analysis that combines past performance with insight into the future. Our analysis is designed to drive product sales online.


We help interpret customer feedback, allowing you to respond to needs that change by the moment. When this is combined with sales data and competitive reviews, we can deliver a comprehensive understanding of trends in your category, allowing companies to exceed their sales goals.

Insight and Support


Most manufacturer representative companies collect data, but few have the experience to provide powerful insights to act on that data. Insights and ingenuity require looking outside the data. At The Floyd Group, we provide powerful reporting that utilizes our business knowledge and trend analysis to provide our clients with recommendations designed to meet their business goals and those of our retail partners.


The Floyd Group makes the reasons behind successful products or lines clear to our vendors. You need to know more than whether you are succeeding. You need to understand the reasons for your success. Insights help clients boost current sales, extend a product’s life, and strategize for the future.



We sell in the top five online retailers for each of the categories that we represent.
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